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Let’s get BOOKED!

This blog for a few years was used to post promotion for authors and promotional tour companies.  

After working closely with so many authors we found that they spent more time promoting and finding ways of promoting than they did writing.  
When we enlisted the help of multi-published author Jacqueline Paige, we came up with a plan to help authors find those willing to help them promote, for free!  

It is our hope that bloggers, book lovers and fellow authors will get on board and help everyone of their followers GET BOOKED!


Promoting a new book or boosting one on your backlist?  

Send us all the relevant details and we'll make a page for you so others can sign up and help you promote.


  Details to include: Name, publisher, formats, buy links, cover, blurb, start and finish date for promotion.
Include links of reviews, awards and any other details you want on the site.  

Ways others can help with promotion:
- Having you as a guest on their blog/site/FB 
- Tweeting promotion for you
- Reviews

We help you make the connections, so you can focus on the writing and a little less on the stress of promoting. 

There is no cost for this, however if you wish to offer those helping you a free book, to host another author on your site or swap a review with other writers ... we leave all those details up to you.

If you have any questions, please email us and ask.   letsgetbooked2@gmail.com  

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