Saturday, October 18, 2014

Heart of Fire by Crystal Crichlow

Heart Of Fire Book 2 in the Heart Series by Crystal Crichlow:

Charlotte is shocked to learn about her family history, and what she learns will have her fighting for her life and her heart.

Ace must make a choice between love and loyalty. One could mean his salvation. The other? His end.

As they both try to unravel the secrets of Fort Nelson and its shady Mayor, more secrets are revealed, and every stone they turn over is picked up and thrown in their faces.

A native of Barbados, Crystal Crichlow is an award winning and best-selling author who developed a passion for writing at the age of nine. She currently resides in Ontario, Canada and spends her time writing and reading YA fiction, reviewing indie books, obsessing about movies and T.V shows while working as a part-time dental assistant. She has a soft spot for anything related to Greek mythology or zombies. Red velvet cupcakes are her kryptonite.
You can find out more about Crystal by visiting her official author website:

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