Friday, August 15, 2014

Death is Overdue by R.W. Weiss

In an isolated cabin in the woods of Montana, village outsider Wooly Jacoby secretly witnesses the brutal murder of Calvin Lampert. Come the spring thaw, Hugh Winslow’s two dogs drag a body from the river. The remains are a bit questionable, but it is indeed Wooly Jacoby, last seen in mid-November.

A search of Wooly’s shack reveals hundreds of discarded library books and several old newspaper clippings about various federal grants to the local town leaders—but no hint of Calvin Lampert.

With the help of Hugh, his family, and his two Malamutes, Sheriff Beatrice follows a trail of blackmail, adultery, and questionable official behavior to find the connection between the two killings.

R. W. Weiss

After teaching English for 35 years, Mr. Weiss became a ski lift operator, short order cook, greens keeper, and questionable ranch hand in Montana.  He spends his time writing, painting, and composing.  He has three children, eight grandchildren, and lives with his wife of 40 years.

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