Saturday, August 16, 2014

Crushed Love, Well Shaken by Bob Young

Bert, 4F and gimpy, desires June, the married woman down the hall in his rooming house in 1943. Her husband is away at war and missing in action. Bert works as a clerk in the town butcher shop. In the depths of this emotional poverty, a red, hot blonde steps into his life with an offer he can’t refuse. Gracie, the grandniece of Bert’s landlady, is pregnant with her married supervisor’s child. She needs someone to save her reputation. He marries Gracie.

As Bert comes home after work his first night married, he finds that June and Gracie are co-workers and friends at the textile mill in town. Bert decides he has to find a way to love them both.

Bob Young

Bob has been writing his whole career except for the last ten years when he settled into customer service roles for a variety of companies. He answered an inner voice to return to storytelling and begged his way into a writers group. It was there that his short stories were diagnosed as novels waiting to be born.

He is fascinated by the generation just ahead of his own who weren’t old enough to go to war but tried to make contributions at home.

He reports that writing ‘When Love Shaped Us’ has been a very satisfying experience. The extended length has allowed him to describe a small town and the changes that begin to push it into a new era as well as to tell the story of Chaz and Irene.

Bob has written some plays in the past, some of which have been produced in workshop settings. His four children are the prototypes for his action-oriented, adventurous heroes. And his relationship with his wife, Shari, is the deep resource he accesses to describe love between two people in good times and bad.

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