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Wandaramid's Crystal Ball by I.V. Phillips

Young Adult Fantasy

A devious young girl, Devilea, tricks Emera, the powerful witch of Wanderamid, stealing her crystal ball and sending her through to another dimension. For the past three years, Emera has been living as Ms. Biddock, the principal of Whilom Elementary.

On the last day of school, Emera crosses paths with Rena Winterton, a student who, soon after, discovers her hidden identity. To prevent Rena from revealing her long kept secret, Emera recites an incantation that will send Rena away to retrieve the clear stone she believes can bring her home, Wanderamid's Crystal Ball. However, when the chosen spell emerges, Emera is

surprised to see Rena already has it in her possession! She attempts to stop the spell, but her powers fail. It's too late! The summoning has begun and for Rena, an unexpected journey begins.

An electrifying force directs her through a portal, leading to future encounters, as she ventures into an unfamiliar world. In this world between many, curses, revenge and magic delay Rena's search for her intended destination, the entryway back to her home town, Whilom.

"What's your writing process?"

When the idea came to mind for writing a fantasy novel, I started to write as much as I could every day. Before I went to sleep, I would put a notebook next to where I slept and then wrote again as soon as my eyes fully opened. There were many times I was inspired while driving in my car. I also found it to be an easy remedy for the writer's block. The little paper squares I used to write down my notes, helped to accumulate the several pages written in those days. However, it seemed I was able to get more accomplished staying up countless nights, until the early morning hours.
The first time I finished my story, it was a novella. That all changed after the best words of advice given to me were that it should be longer. I continued, and with much further effort, began my writing process all over again. Wanderamid's Crystal Ball finally grew to a "novel-length" story. I researched more, revised every page thoroughly, edited, and then proofread from the beginning to end, but it wasn't always in that order. Due to those long nights I had studied writing, I was finally able to achieve my goal, completing a fantasy novel the readers would easily understand and enjoy.
I created my main characters from the beginning, and the new ones as the story progressed. Although purely fictional, their given personalities brought them to life. Every one of them captured a huge part of my heart during those years I had spent with them every day, and that's when I knew, they would the readers, too.
It takes a great deal of time and a lot of hard work, but it's all worth it when you finally get to share your story with others.
"Write what you imagine your novel to be, and then let it take you, the rest of the way."


The police officers finished setting up the tent, and the volunteers helped placed the tables and chairs inside. Neighbors brought flashlights to the entrance to prepare for nightfall and coffee shop owners donated fresh coffee for those involved with the search. All who heard of Rena’s disappearance offered their assistance in every way possible.

“I need somebody to move some of these fallen limbs back. They're still too close to the entrance!” yelled an officer who just started his shift.

He went inside the tunnel and stood along the entryway to Wanderamid, looking around where they had discovered color sequins, lined on the floor. Suddenly, above his head, he heard an unusual and frightening heavy swoosh sound, over the roof, followed by a sound of wings flapping, just as Micah experienced on Tarot’s trail.

“What the heck!” He ducked his head slightly.

The only thing he could come up with that would make such a noise, or any sense, was that there had been another storm brewing outside. Nevertheless, when he found the weather calm, he became extremely nervous. There was no other logical explanation.

Were the sounds coming from Wanderamid, in the core of the tunnel?

“It must be my imagination,” he murmured nervously.

About the Author 

Irene V. Phillips is the author of Wanderamid's Crystal Ball. Her fascination with magic, dreams and paranormal beliefs transpires throughout the Young adult fantasy novel.

Born and raised in New Jersey, she currently resides in Florida with her teenage son.



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