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Review of The Library of Illumination by C.A. Pack

10 Things Readers Might be Surprised to Know About Author C. A. Pack

I’m very excited about my new YA fantasy and I’d like to thank Let’s Get Booked for hosting me on my virtual blog tour. Chronicles: The Library of Illumination is about two teenagers who face adventure and danger every day, as they come of age in an enchanted library where the books come to life.

Even though writers do whatever they can to connect with readers, most people don’t usually know any more about an author than what’s printed in the short bio in the back of a book—if that much. And considering my bio is very short, there’s a lot readers don’t know. So I’ve put together a list of the ten most interesting things about me.

1. I used to teach people how to be television news reporters. I know, it’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

2. I’m qualified to teach aspiring reporters, because I used to be one myself, not to mention a television news anchor, and an assignment editor.

3. Even though I’m not much of a singer, I enjoy writing song parodies and have been known to perform them in public.

4. I own two parrots, Nigel and Colin, who are named after two characters in my first novel. They’re female parrots. I named them before their DNA was tested to determine their sex. I didn’t have the heart to rename them, since they responded so well to their names.

5. The first line of the first story I ever wrote was, “The sun rose in the east,” and it was written in a small notepad I carried around in the third grade.

6. Apple—not Android.

7. I once asked a cop in a subway station for directions, and didn’t realize (until someone pointed it out to me) that he was standing guard over a dead body.

8. I’ve been to more than 20 different countries and 42 of the 50 United States.

9. I like thunderstorms.

10. I’m already hard at work on the Second Chronicles of Illumination—which encompasses the next five novelettes in the series. The ebook for The Overseer will be released this summer, and Myrddin’s Memoir is coming out in the fall.

I’m glad I got to share this with you today. If you’ve got any questions, I’d love to hear from you at Chronicles: The Library of Illumination is now available in hardcover and ebook formats.

One more thing... in honor of my book launch and virtual blog tour, please enter my raffle from April 22 through May 6, 2014 to win an Amazon, or Barnes & Noble gift card, or a Triquetra necklace—the symbol of the Library Of Illumination.

Young Adult Fantasy
Date Published: April 29, 2014

Within the walls of a centuries-old building lies the magical Library of Illumination, a place where books literally come to life. 17-year-old Johanna Charette is the youngest curator ever chosen to oversee the day-to-day operation of the library and she knows, in case of trouble, having an assistant can be invaluable, so she hires 16-year-old Jackson Roth to give her a hand. Jackson gets off to a rocky start, but manages to prove his mettle. Besides, he’s kind of cute and a lot of fun.

Johanna is charming and brilliant—and a natural born leader. She keeps the library operating on an even keel. Jackson is clever and intrepid. He relies on his wits to keep them out of danger when trouble arises. Unfortunately, his derring-do is one of the reasons why they sometimes find themselves in awkward situations. So it shouldn’t be any surprise when his wanton curiosity sparks a journey to a distant realm, where they end up with front row seats in a battle against an ancient foe.

About the Author:

C. A. PACK, author of Code Name: Evangeline, Evangeline’s Ghost, and the Library of Illumination novelettes, is an award-winning journalist and former television news anchor/writer from Long Island, New York.





Any Others:

REVIEW:  4.5 / 5
Where was this library when I was younger?  This book is a perfect mix of a magical place, action, adventure and romance with characters you will love.  It may be rated YA but it's an entertaining read for those of us that barely remember the young adult phase. I'm going to be watching for further stories from this author.  

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Deadly Revelation by Andrea Johnson Beck

Psychological Romantic Suspense
Date Published: April 8, 2014

Dr. Anne Montgomery’s heart and soul belongs to Adam Whitney but her tyrannical husband, Carter Montgomery, continues his ruthless reign by punishing Anne with another murder. Will Carter succeed and take away everyone Anne has ever cared about?

Something Anne has craved since childhood. Dr. Casey Adler has been the only one Anne considered a sister, until Claire Monroe enters her life. Can her newfound sister be trusted?

Someone close to Anne is helping Carter and everyone is a suspect. As revenge consumes her, she slips further away from Adam but will unexpected news thrust her into the darkness, or will Anne battle the demons and take her life back?

                    If Anne had ever felt Montgomery blood course through her veins it was in that moment. Every cell boiled beneath her skin. Murder was the only thought in her mind—severe, merciless murder. The kind that would tantalize viewers to gawk at their television screens as helicopters flew over the grotesque scene as a dismembered body was rolled into the back of a black windowless van. The headline would read, “Wife attacked psychotic drug-addicted husband.” And won.
                    Anne’s emotion paralyzed as did her muscles. She knew fear. Experienced loss, anger, and hatred, tasted betrayal and revenge. What skimmed along her reasoning was new. Darker than anything she had ever felt before. The smell of death burned her nostrils and blood seeped into the floor like crimson polish.
In the early morning hours, as Anne slept in Adam’s arms, Carter had invaded the house, cut out another piece of her sanity and then vanished into the night. Carter was the phantom in children’s bedtime stories. The monster that could slip through the shadows, steal souls and taint dreams. Carter was not only Anne’s husband, but also her nightmare.

                    Bites pricked her heart the longer she stared at Robert’s executed body. Anne’s vision blurred and moved and at times tricked her mind into seeing movement from him but he was dead. Robert was dead. Carter had invaded Michael’s home to make a statement. He would never let Anne go. 

Dr. Anne Jamison, a brilliant neuropsychiatrist, is living the concrete jungle life in Minneapolis with her fiancĂ©, prominent attorney Adam Whitney. But the mysterious death of Carter Leeds, her beloved former boyfriend, still haunts her…

After three years of unanswered questions, a mysterious package finds its way to Anne. The note inside reveals the possibility that Carter may, in fact, be alive. Even more shocking, her very own fiancĂ© may have had a hand in his attempted demise. Anne doesn’t know what—or who—to believe, and the deeper she digs, the more she is overcome by a dangerous game of cat and mouse. But will Anne’s trust be restored—or will she be the one left plotting revenge?

About the Author:

Andrea was born a Midwestern girl, grew up in Iowa and South Dakota. She came out of the womb writing, her parents have recorded evidence of Andrea's whimsical imagination. She has had many poems and short stories published over the years, even did free verse sessions at a local coffee shop but there aren’t any recorded evidence of that. Andrea is thankful for the lack of technology in the 90's.

After twenty-nine trips around the sun, she decided it was time to sit down and write her first book. And, she did. Two weeks before her 30th birthday, Andrea completed, Deadly Deception. Sadly, it sat in her laptop for two years before she decided to self-publish in November 2012.

Montlake Romance loved Deadly Deception and Deadly Redemption so much, they wanted them and their author. Andrea and Montlake Romance decided to interweave the two stories into one novel. The "new" Deadly Deception released October 8th, 2013. The 2nd book in the series, Deadly Revelation, released April 8th, 2014.

Andrea resides in North Carolina with her quirky family, where she homeschools her son and writes about the craziness that pours from her mind. Her son, Logan, has caught the writing bug. He talks about being on the Autism Spectrum and homeschooling at his very own blog, The Quirky Mustache. Logan has touched many lives and is her hero.


1 ebook Deadly Deception and 1 ebook Deadly Revelation

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Taking Chances by Ariadne Wayne

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: April 27, 2014

Lauren and Mark Burrows lost their parents in a car accident one night. Despite their father being the drunk driver, both struggle with the urge to turn to drink; Lauren most of all. When all they have is each other, Lauren feels lost when Mark falls in love with Cassie Warren and moves out.

Ethan Stone has been alone since his divorce. His ex-wife took him for everything, and he has felt empty for a long time. He's not looking for love, but Lauren brings him back to life. The question is whether she can fight her demons for the man she loves, and if Ethan can handle the wild ride that is life with Lauren.


With Ethan’s arm around her shoulders, Lauren nestled up close, nuzzling his cheek.

“I did want to watch this, Lauren. You’ll distract me.”

“That’s the idea.”

He grinned. “I am trying not to make our relationship just about sex.”

“I know. I’m happy right here, but I’m still trying to distract you.”

Ethan laughed. “You’re so naughty.”

“Always.” She rolled her eyes. “As if I would be anything else.”

He kissed her lips softly. “Is that better?”

“Getting there.”

“If I keep kissing you, I’m not going to want to stop.” He said, in an attempt to look serious.

“That’s what I’m counting on.”

Ethan kissed her on the nose. “That’s all you’re getting until the movie is finished.”

“Spoil sport.”

She rested her head on his shoulder. Moving his hand down from her shoulder to rub her arm, he shared a smile before snuggling up again.

“I know I tease, but I do like this,” she said.

“So do I. You know, it’s been so long since I was this close to anyone. Just to have you here and in my arms is the best feeling.”

“I’m glad, Ethan. I’ve been looking forward to being here with you, even if it is only for a few days.”

“We’ll have to make the most of it. Spend every second we can together.”

He leaned back to look at her. What this beautiful woman saw in him, he didn’t know. Her long blonde hair hung in curls around her shoulders, and she had those gorgeous brown eyes that just sucked you in. The type you just want to look into forever.

She smiled, and his stomach plunged through the floor. There was so much to her that no-one else could ever know about. How anyone had never worked that out was a mystery, but Ethan saw it.

The depth of Lauren’s feeling in return was obvious. Looking at her, really looking at her, her emotions were written all over her face.

“How can no-one have claimed you before,” he said, softly.

She blushed, colour flooding her cheeks. The look on her face made his heart race at the thought she was his.

“Ethan,” she whispered.

About the Author:

Ariadne Wayne loves books and lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her husband and two children. Having always had a prolific imagination she now writes the words down instead of storing them in her head where she can't share them.

When she's not writing she works in Telecommunications, frequently banging her head on the desk with the random things that can happen to the ordinary phone line.





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Ultimate Kill by Kristine Mason

Kristine will be awarding a $5 Amazon gift card to five randomly drawn commenters during the tour

Ultimate Kill
 (Book 1 Ultimate CORE)
by Kristine Mason

When the past collides with the present, the only way to ensure the future lies in the ultimate kill…

Naomi McCall is a woman of many secrets. Her family has been murdered and she’s been forced into hiding. No one knows her past or her real name, not even the man she loves.

Jake Tyler, former Marine and the newest recruit to the private criminal investigation agency, CORE, has been in love with a woman who never existed. When he learns about the lies Naomi has weaved, he’s ready to leave her—until an obsessed madman begins sending her explosive messages every hour on the hour.

Innocent people are dying. With their deaths, Naomi’s secrets are revealed and the truth is thrust into the open. All but one. Naomi’s not sure if Jake can handle a truth that will change their lives. But she is certain of one thing—the only way to stop the killer before he takes more lives is to make herself his next victim.


Naomi’s heart raced. Her mouth went dry. An uncontrollable shiver ran through her body.

The past five years suddenly disintegrated. As if she’d just woken from a disjointed nightmare, the months of running, of searching for the perfect place to hide in plain sight, the lonely days and even lonelier nights faded into a blur.


Tears welled in her eyes. For the lost years, the lost love, for the future they could never have. She quickly blinked them away and opened the car door. Her legs weak, her stomach somersaulting with embarrassment, excitement and regret, she placed a shaky hand on the door for support. A small part of her wanted to climb back into the car, drive off and pretend Jake had never come to Woodbine. But a large part of her, the part that had never stopped loving him, that had never allowed the memories of what they’d had together die, wanted to run to him. Throw her arms around his neck and kiss him.

“Jake,” she whispered, then cleared her throat. He looked so damned good. Tan, lean, muscular, his big toned arms showing from beneath his short sleeve golf shirt, his dark hair no longer in his trademark military crew cut.

Chin trembling, hand still clinging to the opened car door, she took a small, tentative step forward. “Jake,” she said louder, firmer.

He pushed off the SUV and slowly approached, his gaze never wavering from hers. Lightheaded, she stayed put, kept her hand on the door for fear she might crumble to the asphalt. She’d dreamed of seeing him again, had imagined what she might say, the excuses she could give him. But anything she’d ever come up with had sounded terrible, selfish and ridiculous. Even if what she’d tell him was the truth.

Now that he was less than five feet away from her, she had no idea what to say or do. A million questions buzzed through her mind. Was he married? Did he have children? Fresh tears filled her eyes. God, she really was a selfish bitch. She wanted him happy, had always prayed he’d find someone to love, but deep down she’d hated the thought of him loving someone else. Making love to another woman. Creating a child. A future that hadn’t included her.

“You look beautiful,” he said, his voice rough, raw. He blinked, looked to the ground and took a couple of more steps until he stood within arm’s reach. When he met her gaze, she expected anger and resentment, instead she found anguish, longing and heat in his dark eyes.

She pressed her lips together to stop her chin from trembling and swiped at an errant tear. She’d hurt him. Because she’d loved him so much, she had no choice but to run from him.

Until the bastard who’d murdered her family and forced her into this self-imposed exile was rotting in Hell, she’d keep running. Otherwise, Jake would end up like everyone else she’d loved.


About the Author:

I didn’t pick up my first romance novel until I was in my late twenties. Immediately hooked, I read a bazillion books before deciding to write one of my own. After the birth of my first son I needed something to keep my mind from turning to mush, and Sesame Street wasn’t cutting it. While that first book will never see the light of day, something good came from writing it. I realized my passion and found a career I love.

When I’m not writing contemporary romances and dark, romantic suspense novels (or reading them!) I’m chasing after my four kids and two neurotic dogs.







Books available on:


B & N:



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Unseasonal War by David J Englund

David will be awarding a digital copy of Unseasonal War to a randomly drawn commenter at every stop during the tour.

Clark Jackson’s travels, for the first time, put him in touch with an intriguing species remarkably human-like. He becomes instantly fascinated with the Fronents and envious of their advanced technology. Striving to befriend them and learn more, his uncontrolled enthusiasm forsakes the use of appropriate caution and suspicion. Could their cold reception be a byproduct of their war with a vile species in this corner of the universe, or something else?

The magnificent splendor of an unexplored galaxy, new species to encounter and the adrenalin rush of space battle feed Clark’s awestruck hunger for exploration and adventure. Unfortunately, the more he learns the more he questions; including the wisdom of his entangled involvement in their war.

Meanwhile, back home in Des Moines, Iowa, Clark attempts to maintain an inconspicuous lifestyle to avoid attracting the attention of a certain relentless federal agency. His girlfriend’s own secret, however, could unravel it all.

**Even though the book is the second book in the series, it IS stand alone


The entire bridge quaked with greater and greater intensity.  Standing upright became increasingly difficult with each passing moment, even with the help of safety bars.  A ship of this size was not meant to traverse a planet’s atmosphere.

“There she is!”  A cadet pointed at a screen.

The enemy ship itself still wasn’t visible.  However, flames burst up out of nowhere, surrounding a small blank area on the screen.  Something was definitely breaking the atmosphere of the planet.

“Now!  Pull out.  Full speed ahead.”

The shaking quickly diminished.  Two seconds later, the bridge was perfectly level and moving forward smoothly again.

“Now!  Target those flames.  Fire aft lasers.  All engines stop.”

Clark concentrated on the view screens.  Lasers connected twice as two explosions erupted amidst the flames.  Crew members cheered.  Captain Trind quickly put a stop to the celebration as he continued to stare at the screens and rattle off commands.  The enemy vessel followed suit and broke out of the atmosphere back into orbit.  It came out firing.  Lasers once again impacted the ship in several locations.

“Fire!  Keep firing!  Target the smoke!  We can see exactly where she is now.  Hit her!”

The camera view displayed her approach.  The smoking ship passed directly overhead, both ships trading fire, both taking hits.  Clark could feel the deck tremble every time they were assaulted.

“All ahead one-half.  Follow that smoke trail.  Fire forward lasers.”

The entire ship jumped three feet as an explosion emanated from below decks, causing those standing to lose their footing.  A few seconds passed.  Several crew members shook their heads and struggled to stand.  It took a few more seconds to regain composure.  Clark felt the ship slow down.

“Sir . . . the engine room . . . the engine room is gone.  Completely.”

About the Author:

David Englund is a storyteller (science fiction author) and teaches economics at North Dakota State University.  His first two titles, Upsetting the Tides and UNSEASONAL WAR are available on Amazon.  Camouflaged Encounters is due out in late 2014 and the fourth and fifth books are in progress.

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A Secret Worth Keeping by LaKisha Johnson

LaKisha will be awarding a download of A Secret Worth Keeping (format: winner's choice) to two randomly drawn commenters during the tour.

Shelby is a career woman turned housewife who enjoys the friendships that have been built with her 5 best friends; Camille, Lynesha, Raylin, Kerri and Chloe. They are all career women with different businesses, husbands and even children but something is missing and they can’t seem to find it at home, in a store or even in a book. So, they search for this missing piece in the beds, arms, cars and even offices of other men who don’t mind paying for what Dem Dam Divas can offer. They enjoy the thrill of sneaking, creeping and even vacationing on someone else’s dime but they soon find out that all good things come to an end. What happens when it becomes too much? From secretly wanting someone who doesn’t want you, loving only to not be loved back and being caught up in a dream that you’re about to be awaken from; will it be worth it in the end? Will they regret their actions or stand by them? Will they finally question whether this secret is really worth keeping?


“That was an amazing dinner guys. Anyone care to join me in the Jacuzzi?” I asked.

“No, I am beat and I’m going to turn in so that I can enjoy sightseeing and shopping on tomorrow,” Shelby said.

“I’m with Shelby;” said Ray and Lyn.

“I’ll pass too,” said Cam.

“Me three,” said Kerri.

“Ok, I won’t be long. I’ll be up soon,” I said. I changed into my swimming suit, grabbed a glass of wine and my IPod. “This water feels great,” I said whispering to myself. Why I was whispering beats me, maybe it’s the wine. Ah hell, may as well get another glass. I got up to refill my glass when I heard a knock on the door that scared me. “Shit, who could that be?” I said walking to the door.

“Chef Todd?” I said surprisingly.

“I’m sorry to drop by unannounced but I forgot to give you ladies the desert I prepared. I uh, I” he said.

I realized I didn’t have my robe on when I followed his eyes to my barely covered breast.

“Come in, I was just enjoying the peace and quiet since my girls left me up. I’m Chloe by the way, would you like a glass of wine?”

“No thank you. I really didn’t mean to disturb you; I thought you ladies would still be up.” He said.

“We usually are but they were tired from the driving and we have a long day planned tomorrow; are you sure I can’t interest you in anything to drink?” I asked while grabbing the wine and walking back out to the Jacuzzi. I knew he was watching my ass but I really didn’t mind because my husband rarely did.

“No but I must say you are wearing the hell out of that swimming suit.” He said.

“This old thing!” I said laughing.

About the Author:

LaKisha Johnson is a girl after God’s own heart; doing what she believes to be her purpose..writing.  In addition to being a self-published author, she’s also a wife of 15 years, mother of 2 and native of Memphis, TN. She comes from a huge family and has always been the go to girl whenever someone needed a poem written or read, an acknowledgement that would convey just what they were thinking or even an occasion written for that special day. She’s an all-around talented lady that makes everything she touch turn to gold. She has 2 degrees from Southwest TN Community College both in Information Technology and has worked in the corporate field for over 15 years. She is also a dedicated blogger, delivering a devotional blog 5 days per week entitled ”Kisha’s Daily Devotionals.”

LaKisha wants readers of her books to step outside the box and read with imagination.  She wants them reeled in from the front cover to the last word, enjoying every second in between, asking for more.  She doesn’t proclaim to be the best writer or even author in the world..she just proclaims to be blessed because her motto is ”God’s purpose is bigger than any problem!”

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Email address –

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Still Hot For You and The Right Temptation by Diane Escalera

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: March 25, 2014 *Re-Release*

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And Shay LaCosta is pretty desperate. She's wrecked her blissful marriage of five years by demanding she and her husband Dylan have a baby. What the hell was she thinking? She knows she was wrong and she’s ready to set things right, if only Dylan will let her. Bet he can’t shun her Booty Camp offer: delicious, white-hot sex in exchange for what’s going on inside his brain.

Dylan may be macho and stubborn, but he really does miss his wife. A little of Shay's pushing gets him past their estrangement and into her web of seduction. She seems to have an erotic week mapped out to perfection, and who is he to complain? Their marriage is meant to be, so they'll fight with each other, and they'll fight for each other.

WARNING: Racy Language, Hot Sex, Seduction

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: March 25, 2014 *Re-Release*

Kayla Martinez has recently landed an RN position at a prestigious hospital in her hometown. The new job is everything she’s hoped for, especially when one hot specimen shows up in the ER. She hasn’t seen her childhood crush in years, and considering how much hotter he’s gotten over time, she almost ends up needing resuscitation.

The last thing Nico LaCosta needs is a broken arm. Now his pal’s kid sister wants to soothe his pain, but he’d rather keep his distance so her big brother doesn’t break his other arm. Kayla’s no child anymore, though. She’s one hot-blooded woman, determined to remind him of a mind-blowing kiss back when they were teenagers. Leave it to Kayla to drop by his house unannounced and play Nurse Seductive. A guy has to follow the buddy code, or face the consequences. Still, sometimes giving in to temptation is worth it…

CONTENT WARNING: Racy Language, Hot Sex, Lusty Latin Lovers

About the Author:

Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Diane Escalera makes her home in coastal North Carolina. The sultry surroundings are a steady source of inspiration for her hot love stories. Diane is married, has two children and a super cute dachshund she can’t get enough of. She writes contemporary romance and is published with Kensington Publishing and Lyrical Press.





Still Hot For You on Amazon 
The Right Temptation on Amazon

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Spacedog's Best Friend by Toni V. Sweeney

Young Adult Science Fiction

Against her parents’ wishes, spoiled teenager Jenny Halpin’s doting uncle gives her a space cruise as a graduation gift. Unfortunately, before Jenny can enjoy much of the voyage, the ship collides with a meteor shower and her escape pod is separated from the others. Landing on an uninhabited world are Jenny and her pod-mates…three little poodles. They’re not just any poodles, however. They’re the telepathic Royal Family of Canaris and they seem to think Jenny’s now their servant, existing just to protect and serve them…

Dredging up all the lessons in school she ignored or slept through, Jenny now must take charge. Soon she’s up to her neck in native dogs, pirate salamanders, and newborn pups…

Robinson Crusoe had it easy!

About the author:

Toni V. Sweeney has lived 30 years in the South, a score in the Middle West, and a decade on the Pacific Coast and now she’s trying for her second 30 on the Great Plains.
An accomplished artist as well as writer, she has a degree in Fine Art and a diploma in Graphic Art and produces book videos when she isn't writing. Since the publication of her first novel in 1989, Toni divides her time between writing SF/Fantasy under her own name and romances often set in the South under her pseudonym Icy Snow Blackstone.
In March, 2013, she became publicity manager for Class Act Books (US) and also Double Dragon Publishing (Canada). She reviews books for TwoLips Reviews and is also on the review staff of the New York Journal of Books. She recently had her 27th book published and has six more scheduled for release in 2013.
More on Toni can be found at The ToniVerse

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sunfall by James Austin McCormick

As democracy is swept away by a powerful Corporate League, a small section of society hold onto the libertarian dream, establishing an independent colony on Mars. Yet their time is running out. A solar storm, “Sunfall,” is about to strike, powerful enough to wipe out every last one of them.

Their only hope is Sana, a young, idealistic scientist and creator of a terra-forming device capable of giving Mars its own protective shield. With just days before the storm hits, she teams up with a two bit smuggler, Zac, who, for the right price, agrees to get her to Mars.

The League, however, have their own sinister plans for the red planet and unleash their Raijin, a near invulnerable hybrid super-assassin, to hunt down and kill them.

As the chase continues only Zak’s ingenuity and flying skills can keep them alive, but for how long?

About the author:

James Austin McCormick is a college lecturer from England who enjoys all types of speculative fiction; science fiction, horror and fantasy especially and often tries to blend these elements together in his own writing. He is also a particular fan of classic Gothic and Victorian horror tales and is currently in the process of writing updated version of these with a science fiction spin.

James is the author of a horror novella “Sundown,” published in Deathgrip 3: It Came from the Cinema (Hellbound Publishing 2005) as well as several shorter works in publications such as Tales of the Talisman, Jupiter SF, Thirteen Stories, Trunk Stories and Ethereal Tales. Science Fiction Continuum also published a series of his tales from 2004 until 2006. He has also just had a fantasy short “Tommy and the Trolls” published by Horror LCC in their anthology, Strangely Funny which came out in August of this year.

James lives in Manchester with his wife and two daughters, no pets as everyone suffers with allergies.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Throbbing Hearts 1 by Sabrina Lacey

Sizzling New Adult Romance
Date Published: March 19, 2014

Brendan Clark doesn't know I exist. But tonight, I'm going to change that. For the first time in four painfully long years, he's single. I've been waiting for this, my heart racing every time I see him. I finally have a chance and I'm going to take it. Tonight I will touch those kissable lips... and he'll see it, too - that we're meant for each other. If only I can stop shaking...



Totally over stupidity-saturated college parties like this one. Wishing I was back in bed. Still heavy, heavy, heavy in my Goth phase. If you don’t like it you can fuck right off.


I ask Corrine, “Why did I come to this stupid thing again?” as she snakes her way through too many faces I pretend not to know. These people are all friends (ish) with her, but with me? Not so much.

“You came because I made you! You can’t stay stuck behind a computer every night, Annie! How are you ever going to get laid?” She throws a look my way that says I should know these things.

“You mean fall in love. How am I ever going to fall in love,” I correct her. Even with the dyed black hair, black lipstick, black wardrobe – I’m a hopeless romantic.

She snorts disapproval and stands up on the toes of her already high-heels so she can peek over the mass of stupid. “I see booze! Come on!”

“I can’t wait.”

My hand gets encased in hers and I am dragged by force. Corinne is the sitting-on-the-back-of-a-motorcycle kind of beautiful. No tiaras for this one. She’ll wear pink, but it’s gotta be hot pink. Her hair isn’t just dyed blonde, it’s platinum. Her jewelry is a little too heavily applied, as is her red lipstick. Makeup around her green eyes is the only thing she keeps low-key. She’s a little bit on the trashy side and I really like that about her. You wouldn’t catch me dead around a pastel-wearing girlie-girl. Corinne’s not afraid to swear, get dirty, and be maybe a lot slutty. Vicariously, I live through her wild side. She’s fine with that, because everyone needs a cheerleader and I’m her biggest. I just cheer from behind a sarcastic grin and dry witticisms, that’s all.

When we get to the multitude of inebriation materials, she turns to me. “Falling in love is an antiquated notion. We don’t need men. They need us. We center them. And from them, we get sex. Hot sex, if we’re lucky. And if we’re not lucky, we move on.”

I watch her grab the gin bottle, and I almost scream, “No! No gin. I can’t even think of gin without vomiting up the last three years of my life.”

She drops it back to the table. “Oh yeah. That was a fun night. If fun equals a nightmare. How ‘bout this?” She holds up a bottle that says Chopin. I lean in closer and see that it’s some highfalutin vodka. “This good?”

I shrug. “Let’s give it a shot.”

“Shots! Yes!!”

“Uh oh.” My tone is as dry as a scone left out for five days and then two more. “We’re doing shots. Great.”

Corinne pours while talking. “Look, you. You’re making Marilyn Manson jealous with that outfit. Your social skills are bested by mutes. We need to loosen you up if we’re going to get you any action – like EVER.”

My tongue plays with the roof of my mouth as I suck on her game plan. “Why do you even hang out with me?”

“Because I love you, Squid. And you make me feel good when I’m around you. You get me, and you don’t judge. Do you know how rare that is?” She calls me squid because of the black hair dye I’m addicted to. I’m naturally strawberry blonde and even though the lowest percentage of the population is born strawberry blonde – I could give a fuck. It’s too puppies, kittens and roses for me.

“That’s very sweet. I may throw up.” We tap our cups together with no celebratory clink bouncing back, thanks to the plastic. Very low end, this party. I vow that when I’m all grown up and have got my own place, I will have enough glassware to throw a party without red plastic cups sullying the classy festivities. I drink the vodka and wince. “Blech… add some cranberry or something?”

With her hand, Corinne shakes her platinum hair and musses it up all sexy style like she’s readying herself for battle against the weaker sex, and I don’t mean women. “Hello. Shots aren’t supposed to taste good. Drink up.”

“Eesh.” I drink it back and cough once. Just once because her laser-beam eyeballs stop me from making a scene. “Sorry.”

“You’re not a lost cause!” She chuckles. “You’ve still got these.” She points to my eyes, which – I have to admit – are probably my best feature. They’re bright cotton candy blue. I am fond of them. Why do you think I smudge so much eyeliner around them? “And these!” She reaches out and grabs my boobs, which are cleverly hidden behind a baggy shirt and jacket, not to mention several silver stone-pendant necklaces. Each stone has a different healing property: protection, communication and love. I fancy myself a bit of a witch. Or spiritual. Or whatever.

“Anybody besides you touches my boobs and I’ll punch them in the face. And you can let them go now, too.” She laughs and obeys. I’m not into girls. Neither is Corinne. But I don’t really mind her grabbing them. Someone’s got to.

“Hey!” she barks at a girl pushing through to the booze-table. The girl eyeballs her and a silent war is won by neither. Corinne looks back to me. “Does that include Brendan Clark? Would you punch him in the face if he did this?” She grabs them again and giggles.

My heart jumps out and kisses her for saying his name. But then it goes dead all over again and I swat her hands away. “Brendan’s got a girlfriend, remember?”

Corinne leans in and whispers, “Not anymore. Word is, he dumped her right before they were supposed to go away and celebrate their graduation with a good boinking.” She eyes me. “Interesting news, isn’t it?”

See this is the problem with friends. They see things you don’t want them to see. Which means you can’t live in happy denial. I’ve not told anyone how I feel about Brendan Clark, not even her. But somehow she spotted me staring at him with my mouth open one too many times. Ever since, it’s been like dragging Lindsey Lohan to rehab to get her to drop it.

But still my heart pirouettes throughout my insides at the news.

Brendan’s single?

I blink at Corinne, stunned and speechless. Though, Brendan has all of my heart, he has no idea who I am. He is beyond out of my league. I’ve only said “hey” to him once and it was a disaster. I said it because he said it first. But then it turned out he was talking to his buddy Mark who was walking up behind me. Needless to say, I slinked back into the shadows where it’s nice and quiet… and dark enough for me to cry.

I shrug and look away so she can’t see me lying. “I don’t know how many times I have to tell you this, Marilyn, but I really don’t care what Brendan does.” She calls me Squid. I call her Marilyn after Marilyn Monroe, thanks to her hair and sexy goddess style. I may have gotten the short end of the nickname stick.

Her eyes narrow and she leans in to see if she can decipher my code. “Really?”

Avoiding her, I mutter without care, “Yeah. I’m not interested.”

“Not at all?”

“Not in the slightest.”

“He’s walking up behind you.”

“Let’s do another shot.”

Corinne laughs hard and turns to shove that girl out of the way. Successful, she starts singing “Shots shots shots shots” by the band LMFAO, and pours way too generously.

I don’t dare look around, but I don’t need to. Before I even lay eyes on Brendan, I hear his voice, low and deeper than most other guys and already my knees feel like noodles. His voice boasts his advanced levels of testosterone, and the place that aches for him between my legs moistens instantly. He’s here. He’s walking up behind me. Now is my chance to talk to him! To let him know I exist. I eavesdrop and hear him talking about Mendocino, something about a…

“Here you go.” Corinne slides a half-full cup back in my hand and I lose the last part of what was being said.

I take it from her, head down, focusing hard on the red plastic. I know that when I turn around, I will be face to face with the man I plan to have babies with. First I should probably tell him my name.

“Thanks.” I drink it before she even has a chance to toast or join me.

She stares at my speed, reads correctly into it, and whoops loudly, “Now it’s a party! Here, have another!”

I don’t argue, holding my cup out. I turn my head, say nothing, and stare at the man I have every intention of marrying. He’s exchanging words with jerkoff Mark and that asshole Tommy, but all I can see is Brendan’s mouth moving like the world just slowed down to make me the happiest girl in it. His lips are so full and pouty, and his teeth are straight from the braces he still had on during the beginning of his sophomore year, the I first time I saw him, three years ago. I was a freshman, and apparently invisible.

About the Author:

Sabrina Lacey is like many women in modern times - she's been a lot of things to a lot of people. A wife, ex-wife, daughter, teacher, stand-up comedienne, wackadoo, loyal friend, fed-up bartender, fashion photographer, lazy bones, bitch, and sweetheart (though less often than bitch). She lives in way too dry Los Angeles where she wishes there was more thunderstorms. Who doesn't love a good thunderstorm...

Pour a nice glass of wine, and enjoy the ride. ;) Cheers!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Saved by You by Helen Conrad

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: January 14, 2014

Image is everything

Bad boy Kane's image is what gets him the job protecting Annie and her Hawaiian ranch but it's an image he's restless to shake. This time he wants to get the girl--not the blame.

Annie Ventura needs Kane to be a tough guy, but what she falls for is the tenderness. Now she has to figure out how to handle both sides of this irresistible man who is dredging up secrets from her past.

Kane Carrington can't resist a call for help from the girl he secretly loved in high school. He goes back to his Hawaiian home, only to find he's still the "bad boy" to her golden girl image. But now he's a man, not a boy and Annie Ventura can't resist him. But does he have to destroy her memories of her dead husband in order to seal the deal?

As they work together to get to the bottom of the harassment she’s been experiencing, memories return and emotions are rekindled. Annie learns that protecting the past for her son just might lead to her losing their future. Kane begins to understand his family and his place in it—and how important it is to build bridges instead of blowing them up.

SAVED BY YOU is book #1 of Destiny Bay Romances-The Islanders.

The full set:

Destiny Bay Romances~Islanders

Book 1-Saved By You

Book 2-Found By You

Book 3- Tempted By You

Book 4-Rescued By You


Emotions were usually pretty deep with him. He didn't like to let them get too near the surface. But for just a moment, he'd stopped and turned slowly, taking it all in, remembering a past that could never be again, missing it, missing home and actually feeling a slight stinging in his eyes.

And that was when she got him.

"Okay, you bastard, hold it right there. Don't make a move."

At the same moment the voice hit him, both barrels of a shotgun were jammed very hard and very painfully into the small of his back, and he groaned in disbelief. He hadn't even heard her coming up behind him. He shook his head. He was losing it.

"I'd like to blast a hole right through you. How would you like that, you slime ball?"

"Hey, hold on just a minute..."

The barrel jabbed him. "Don't try to talk, dirt bag. Just start walking. I'm going to walk you right off my land, and then I'm going to call the cops. And the next time you come slinking around I'm going to blow your brains out. You got that?" She jabbed him again to get him going toward the road. "And you can tell Bart Carlson I'll do the same for any other of his pathetic flunkies that he sends over here to screw up my life."

It took only one quick twist and a little leverage, and he had her on the ground, his big body holding hers down, the shotgun wrenched from her grasp and sent spinning in the dust.

But that didn't mean she gave up. Not by any means. She fought like a wildcat, spitting and scratching at him with fury. It took both his hands to hold down hers, and the full length of his body to hold her captive.

"Cut it out, Annie," he growled at her, annoyed that she wasn't giving up even once she'd realized his superior strength. "I'm not going to hurt you."

The sound of her name was what seemed to still her for a moment. She stared up at him and he stared down at her, wondering if she had any idea that they had known each other before.

She'd changed. But her hair was still blond, still a mass of shimmering tangles that seemed to go on forever. Her body was still slim and lithe, but there was a strength to her he wouldn't have thought she would ever possess. She was still squirming beneath him, but it was beginning to feel good. He glanced at her cotton blouse, all askew and revealing the soft curve of her breast and a tiny strip of lace.

"Don't," she spat at him fiercely.

He looked up. Her face was older, naturally. The crystal blue eyes he remembered so vividly were wary, haunted by pain and struggle she couldn't have dreamed of in her younger days. And she wasn't laughing. In his memories, she was always laughing.

There was no sign of recognition. Didn't anybody remember him? Had he been erased from the minds of an entire community?

About the Author:

Helen Conrad is an award-winning, best-selling author (over 15 million books sold) of heart-felt--and often humorous--contemporary romances, most of which are spiced with a little heat. She's published more than 99 romances under various pseudonyms with Harlequin, Silhouette, Mills and Boon, Loveswept, and others and is currently revamping the best of her backlist, creating the Destiny Bay Romances Series about a rich, influential family living along the Central California Coast, Arizona and the Hawaiian Islands. The Carringtons are good-looking, fast-driving, hard-hitting men and women whose impulses lead them into trouble--and inevitably, into love--every time. Saved By You is the story of Kane Carrington who returns to Hawaii to settle old scores and revive a lost love.



Twitter: @HelenMCon

Amazon Author Page:


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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Captured by Jane Atchley

Fantasy Romance (Lite Paranormal)
A Garrison Love Story Book 2
Date Published: April 1, 2014

War makes strange bedfellow.

Shape shifter, Faelan Foley, goes to war determined to win equality in a society where women are possessions, but when she’s forced to shift and arrested as a spy, a soul-searing friendship with the enemy Field Marshal develops threatening her heart and her definition of equality.

Aimery Duncan traded the privileged life of an island landholder for the anonymity of a cavalry officer. He never expects to find himself Field Marshal of the Allied Kingdom Army facing an invading enemy. Let alone meet his soul mate. Too bad, she is a shape-shifter and an enemy spy.

Can Duncan do his duty, save Faelan from the hangman’s noose, and somehow convince her that love is stronger than war?


"Damn Nicholas. Who does he think he is?" Faelan shouldn’t have let Nicholas's possessiveness get to her, but it galled. It was the sort of thing she had sought to avoid by volunteering with the army. "Where does he find the nerve?"

Riding beside her on a stolen dun gelding, Quinn wisely held his tongue. Like big brothers everywhere he was a maddening tease, but in a quarrel he came down on Faelan’s side every time. Near the spot where they had encountered the blue-jacket scout, she reined in, slid out of the saddle, and rubbed her backside. Why did she always have to ride a mule?

"I know Nicholas is your friend, but I’m not marrying him no matter what anyone thinks. And I’ll tell you another thing; I’m not marrying anyone who thinks he can tell me how to live my life."

"I’ll be sure to relay your thoughts to Nicholas."

Faelan arched her brow. "When I need your help, I’ll ask for it." She glanced around. "Wasn’t there a cave around here somewhere?"

Quinn touched his chest. "Are you asking me for help?"

Faelan showed her teeth, a snarl not a smile.

Quinn laughed. "See the dark spot behind the thin stand of firs over there?"

Faelan nodded. "I’ll leave my clothes in the cave, and we can meet here until the enemy breaks camp." Handing Quinn her reins, she headed for the dark niche within the rocks.

"Wait." Quinn jumped down. "Are you sure I can't talk you out of this?"

Faelan gave a long-suffering sigh. "It will help our war effort."

"I don’t doubt it, but I wonder if it’s the war effort you’re so eager to help."

"I don’t see your meaning."

"I know your appetites, little sister, better than I know my own. You want to devour the pretty little field marshal."

"My wolf wants to devour him." She flashed a saucy grin. "I’d settle for a good licking."


"Qu-inn." Faelan matched his tone.

"Don’t get killed."

"I won’t. I promise. Come give me a hug. I have to find an enemy soldier with a weakness for dogs before nightfall. Please don’t worry Quinn. This will work, you’ll see. We’ll meet here in two nights."

Faelan padded down a pine needle carpeted deer trail in wolf form considering her brother’s words. She didn’t want to gobble up the field marshal. She wanted to roll over and show her belly. Given her mission, this dangerous desire annoyed the hell out of her. Pausing, she raised her nose, tested the air for scent and found what she sought, steel and horses, and death. Crouching low Faelan eased toward the source.

She could not believe her luck. Commanders kept to the safety of camp. At least they did in her army. But the field marshal and his demon crouched beside the scout’s body looking at—Oh great ancestor Quinn’s fur!

The demon rubbed the inky fur between his fingers. "Duncan, this fur’s not right."

Duncan. The field marshal’s name sizzled through Faelan’s bloodstream, found a home in her heart, and melted in. She shook herself. Oh, yes. This man was danger in a pretty wrapper. Moments later, the search party mounted and turned their fine horses toward their camp. The demon walked at Duncan’s stirrup leading his own mount burdened with the body of the blue-jacket scout. Mindful of Descendant tales and warnings of demon powers, Faelan followed the group at a respectful distance.

Faelan had seen this demon in the camp, tall, rapier thin, lean-muscled, a terrible beauty with spiky golden hair, tapered ears, and rich amber eyes. The tales said demons didn’t age, but this one’s mannerisms suggested youth. Obviously, Duncan’s creature, Faelan smelled his devotion like spice on the wind. Keeping downwind, hidden by trees, she strained her hearing in hopes of gleaning some useful information, but her enemy’s mood was somber. Frustrated, Faelan turned to her other senses.

The field marshal, the demon, two of the men, and the woman wore blue-jackets. Having never seen a female warrior before, the woman fascinated Faelan. Citizen militia made up the rest of their party. Faelan had seen their like before in the little villages her people raided before the field marshal brought his cavalry into the field. Each man wore his own regimentals, one a rich burgundy, one a dark green, the other a pale gray trimmed in dark blue.

The search party stopped near a clear slow moving creek, and the demon passed out meat pies. The rich aroma made Faelan’s stomach growl. She inched forward watching, listening, and was rewarded with the first chink in the field marshal’s army. The militiamen took their portions and moved apart from the blue-jackets. Abruptly, the demon raised his head, sniffed the air, and glanced toward her hiding place. Faelan melted back into the trees.

The field marshal walked slowly along the shallow stream moving away from his group. His magnificent horse, gray as a storm with scattering of black spots across its white rump, trailed behind dipping its elegant head to the stream now and again.

Faelan paced him.

Duncan squatted in the stream and let the cold water sluice over his hands. He reeked of regret. Would death on a large scale slow his relentless pursuit of her people? Could the Descendants even manage something like that in their current sorry state?

Faelan circled.

Upwind now, Duncan’s elegant spotted horse caught her scent. Its head lifted. The warhorse looked straight at her, nostrils flared. Faelan crouched even lower. Tail tucked tight against her belly, ears flat against her skull, she inched forward.

"Be very still, Aimery Duncan."

The demon’s voice came from Faelan’s right. Until he spoke, she had not seen, heard, or even smelled him, so intent had she been on the field marshal. The demon stood about twenty feet away with a short powerful looking bow aimed at her heart.

Duncan looked up and trapped Faelan in the full force of his remarkable eyes. For a minute she couldn’t move, melting in his burning sapphire gaze. A whimper slipped from her mouth. She dropped her rump lower and tucked her tail tighter against her belly. Her posture screamed I’m harmless.

The field marshal held his hand out palm up. "Come to me, Azure-eyes. I will not let the terrible elf shoot you." He shot his demon a determined look. "I have seen enough death today, Eamon." His gaze returned to her. "Come here, my beauty. There is nothing to fear."

Duncan’s voice flowed over her, warm as a summer day. It soothed her, compelled her. Faelan inched forward, aware the demon—elf had not relaxed the tension on his bow. Faelan’s nose grazed Duncan’s fingertips. His skin smelled of oranges and chocolate. Faelan gave in to desire. She rolled over and exposed her soft creamy belly to his touch.

He rubbed her thick fur and smiled. "You see, Eamon. She is just a big friendly dog. A real beauty too, I think."

He thought she was beautiful. The demon—the elf, Faelan corrected herself again, didn’t look convinced, but he lowered his bow.

"Where did it come from, Duncan?" The elf moved closer. "It looks like a wolf. Come away from it."

"This dog did not kill our trooper." Duncan pushed to his feet, wiping his hands on his thighs. "You worry too much."

"My Captain told me to look after you."

"Did he?" Duncan punched the elf’s shoulder in passing, as men do. "He said just the opposite to me."

Faelan stayed on her back, vulnerable. The elf troubled her. He knew there was something ‘not right’ about Quinn’s fur. He was suspicious of her and he had unknown powers.

"Look at her, Eamon," Duncan collected his horse’s reins. "How many white, blue-eyed wolves have you seen? She is a cross breed probably from one of the burned out farmsteads we passed left behind to die." He turned, patted his leg. "Come Azure. Come girl." Faelan rolled to her feet and trotted to his side.

"You’re not keeping it?"

"I could not save my scout today, but I can save this dog. I need to do this." He paused, caught his lower lip between his teeth. "Look at those eyes, blue as the sky on a clear day at sea. Can you think of a single reason I should not keep her?"

"Yes," Eamon nodded. "It’s a wolf."

About the Author

Jane Atchley

Trapped in a world of user manuals, Jane Atchley dreamed of a life beyond technical writing. One night, over nachos and margaritas with “the great ladies,” a world of elves, pixies, and a certain red-haired cavalry captain beckoned. She and her two terriers have lived there ever since enjoying one adventure after another.
Jane is a member of Romance Writers of America and Dallas Area Romance Authors. She loves to hear from readers. Email Jane at
Jane gives away a $50 gift card every month. Visit her website to enter for a chance to win.

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