Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Review of Timeless by Blaise Kilgallen

Harassed by an employer, Suzanne Thibold picks up a pre-read paperback to de-stress and is whisked to 1870 Dry Wells, Texas, inhabited by rank cowboys and townfolks. She almost adjusts to the conditions when she learns Oscar Needham bought her as a Mail Order Bride.

A bronco-buster hired by the S-bar-Ranch, Cady Dillon comforts Suzanne after she is frightened by a shooting fracas below her hotel room. A burst of adrenaline had them making love. Cady knows she’s too good for him. He deserts her and heads for the Californian gold fields.

Suzanne awakens in her hotel room, but in the year 2009, still in Dry Wells. She is hired by the town’s current banker. Inhabitants she meets seem very familiar. When she gets a flat tire in a mall, Suzanne’s former lover’s great-grandson fixes it for her. They agree to meet at Dry Wells Summer Rodeo. Cady (William) Dillon stands Suzanne up, but then appears at her condo after midnight to explain why. Will she forgive him? What do you think?

About the author:

Blaise is a-dyed-in-the-wool New Jerseyite. Born and raised there, she says she will probably die there. She resides in semi-rural Sussex County, the northwest area of the “Garden State,” on 3-1/2 acres of untamed yard.

Blaise earned a B.S. in Fine Art Education from a N.J. State College, but taught only one year before heading into New York to seek employment in the advertising field. She worked at various positions with different ad agencies during a 10 year period. After being widowed, she earned her Real Estate Broker’s License and listed and sold houses and land in New Jersey for almost a decade.

That was when she began to write romantic fiction. Her novels were soon published and now she is published in both electronic formats and print--by a list of e-publishers. As the market changed and developed, most of her novels came to be classified as “steamy romances” rather than “sweet stories.”
Blaise has had more than a dozen romance novels published during the last decade. She continues to write historical and contemporary novels daily. She is also a prolific professional artist in several venues. Currently she paints and sells watercolors and collages, and creates romance covers for other e-publishers (royalties) and individual authors for a fee.
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 WWW.BLAISEKILGALLEN.COM for excerpts and reviews on her backlist
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4 / 5

With words Timeless will take you back to 1870. The author uses the little details to make you feel like you're actually there.  I enjoyed this story immensely, it was a refreshing change from other time travel plots. Definitely going to read more of Blaise Kilgallen's work.  Well done!

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