Sunday, August 4, 2013

Not Without Fear by Bill Russell

Set against the rugged 1906 Oregon and California coastline, Not Without Fear is a story of love, hate, cruelty and desperation. The brutish captain of a lumber schooner drives his terrorized young wife into the arms of his first mate. The discovery of her infidelity triggers a murderous rampage. No longer content to simply ruin her life, he sets out to end it, along with that of her lover.

You will find hope in this tragic tale as you experience the tenderness and love of two people swept up in a world they don’t understand. You will live the fear of waiting for a killer to strike and then know the penetrating horror of being on the deck of a ship during a fearsome storm at sea when he does. And then, feel the heart-warming triumph of the final resolution to this all too human saga.

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