Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Glimpse of Her Soul by Stuart Jaffe

When 16-year-old Gillian Boone discovers that a secret message has been etched into her soul,

her world of normal teenage life is destroyed. Now, bizarre monstrosities try to kill her so they

can read this message as her soul departs, hoping its information will guide them back to the

world they came from.

Though she has the aid of her father and some new friends, there is only one who has the real

power to help. A rogue monster named Jackhammer Jack. But he might want her secret, too,

even as he helps her evade the clutches of those pursuing her.

With threats surrounding her, Gillian will have to lead her allies in a struggle for survival - a

struggle all the more treacherous when her allies are just as dangerous as her enemies.

Filled with action, excitement, magic, a touch of romance, and mystery, A Glimpse of Her Soul is

a pulse-pounding ride you're sure to enjoy.


Gillian Boone watched the funeral from the safety of an ancient oak tree. As somber black forms surrounded the grave, drizzle dampened the headstones. She wanted to get in close, to check the body before they lowered it forever, to know whether or not what she had seen was real or just a dream, but she knew she wasn't welcome. Julia Gomez, the most popular girl in school, had died, and no friends of hers would dare let the likes of Gillian attend the funeral.

But the dream haunted her. It had happened a week ago. She woke — she thought she had woken — but was not in her bed. Or her room. Or her house. Confused, she tried to rise, but her body wouldn't respond. Then without her command, she somehow walked into a bathroom — every motion felt wrong, off-balance, out of proportion with where her body should be. In the mirror, she saw the face of Julia Gomez. That's when Gillian knew she was dreaming. And that's when she heard the breathing creature — a sickening sound like air shoved through a tube of mucus.

About the Author

Stuart Jaffe is the author of The Max Porter Paranormal-Mysteries, The Malja Chronicles, The
Bluesman series, and much more. His short stories have appeared in numerous magazines and
anthologies. He is the co-host of The Eclectic Review - a weekly podcast about science, art, and
well, everything. For those who keep count, the latest animal listing is as follows: one dog, four
cats, one albino corn snake, one Brazilian black tarantula, three aquatic turtles, one lop-eared
rabbit, twenty chickens, and a horse. Thankfully, the chickens and the horse do not live inside

the house.
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4 / 5 

If your looking for an non-stop action packed read, then this is your book. while reading it, I wasn't sure which genre it fit in, a bit of dark paranormal, suspense, fantasy ... a mix of many things and you know what, it works. The characters will keep you intrigued because you can't predict what is going to happen next. Over all, great read!


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