Friday, March 22, 2013

Angel Bait by Tricia Skinner

Saved by the angel sent to kill them, four half-angel boys are trained and employed as Heaven’s assassins. Jarrid and his nephilim brothers are raised as members of The Eternal Order, and must enforce Heaven’s laws by hunting down those who defy the Directorate.

His only shot at freedom is Ascension, but his employers won’t permit the ancient ritual. Then Jarrid learns a Renegade angel is in Detroit. Such a high-level take¬down is the answer to his prayers—all the leverage he needs to Ascend.

For freedom, Jarrid is willing to do anything to lure his elusive enemy out of hiding.

Even use an innocent woman as bait.

News reporter Ionie Gifford has no clue an angel outlaw wants her dead. She agrees to help Jarrid, the enigmatic nephilim with penetrating silver eyes and a worship-worthy body, but only because he accepts her terms. He’s her all-access pass into the city’s supernatural underworld where she hopes to locate her mother’s killer.

Blind¬sided by Ionie’s beauty and tenacity, Jarrid soon finds the eternity-old glacier around his heart thawing. With duty and desire at war within him, he’s forced to make a choice—either save Ionie from the trap he snared and stay chained to Heaven, or allow her to become collateral damage.



Author Bio:

Tri­cia Skin­ner writes Urban Fan­tasy and Para­nor­mal Romance. Her read­ing tastes are all over the place, but she's drawn to fan­tasy (and its sub­gen­res), para­nor­mal, sci-fi, and history. When she's not writ­ing, Tri­cia is a new­bie "green" prac­ti­tioner, fit­ness pro­cras­ti­na­tor, and a tech­nol­ogy geek. She is a mother and a wife. Her fam­ily includes two Great Danes. She's also a videogamer. Tricia's debut novel, ANGEL BAIT, was pub­lished Feb­ru­ary 2013 by Crim­son Romance (F+W Media). She is represented by Laurie McLean of Foreword Literary.


5 / 5

As a debut book, Tricia Skinner should be proud.  Personally I can't wait for the next installment in the Angel Assassins series and can only hope it is being written at this moment, faster if possible.
The characters grabbed my attention immediately and I'm pretty sure I held my breath while reading the entire book.  If you like action, romance and humor then Angel Bait is a must read!


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