Sunday, February 10, 2013

Publisher Showcase - Damnation Books

Today's Publisher Showcase is all about:

Blood Moon

Upon a dark and blood-filled hour, humanity's doom will rise to power.

Werewolves are real. They haunt the woods of North America, feeding on the bodies of humans stupid enough to blunder across their paths. Once rogue and uncoordinated, the rise of their goddess Alsvinth has brought them all together, with one goal: destroy as much of the species as necessary to enslave them within meat farms, to feed the werewolf army taking over the world.

Olivia, a werewolf from western Canada, and her brother Charlie set out to kill the goddess and save humanity. But can the werewolf and human destroy the goddess’s power, or will she prevail and turn the planet into a wasteland?
Ohio At Dusk

Detective James Arklow didn't believe in monsters...until he met her. Detective James Arklow is a practical man, an ex-cop with a bad back and a thriving private practice. Enter Mandy Veedon, an attractive but unbalanced young woman, who claims she was raped by a werewolf. Arklow is skeptical, but as the case progresses, he begins to suspect that his client may be telling the truth.

Path of Fire

Would you give up everything to save the soul of one child? Doctor Paul Prophet, a hard-drinking widower in Green Bay, Wisconsin, works with dying children. Now they're visiting him after death, and their portents aren't good. Paul is swept into a spiritual realm folded occultly inside our own, a world where demons hunt the souls of children to increase their power. He must learn the secrets of the Kesemanetow, a collection of Tarot cards created by the All-Father himself, to rescue the soul of a child and save the world from eternal darkness.

The Trestor

Young Adult Title. Whisked into a vortex, fifteen-year-old Liva and her little brother, Ash's peaceful life is abruptly shattered when their beloved ex-cop Grandpa mysteriously disappears. With the help of their friend, Rett, the two slip their way through the clutches of numerous masked men, all desperate to grab them by the throat. Why are they so anxious to kidnap the children? Determined to find their grandfather at any cost, Liva and Ash stumble through the lies and secrets Grandpa kept from them all these years. Then they find the most shocking secret of all-so dangerous, so powerful, that the universe could split up just fighting over it. Literally, the universe.

The Zombie Cookbook

Intro to this anthology by members of the metal band, The Zombie Cookbook.
Interior art by George Silliman

Wokking Dead By Karina L. Fabian
It’s war and love when zombies invade a Korean restaurant.

Secret Ingredient by Lisa Haselton
There’s a zombie in the kitchen! That may be the case, but when spaghetti-eating zombie Clete takes a job as the assistant chef at the L-Double-J ranch, he’s not the one you need to work out for. It’s a tale of catering and culinary revenge. Would you have added the secret ingredient?

A Zombie Named Clete By Lisa Haselton
A little poem in honor of the twice-deceased Clete. Was this on his tombstone, or did he carry a copy in his pocket?
and more....

At The Gates

Book III of the Demon Squad Series. 

A revolt in Heaven, angels fighting angels. Who better to mediate a peaceful resolution than the Devil's nephew, Frank "Triggaltheron" Trigg?

Don't answer that.

When Scarlett arrives at his door, beaten to within an inch of her life, Frank finds himself in the middle of a war as the Nephilim arrive to finish the job. With only Eden still standing, the battle for Heaven spills over and ravages the Earth with deadly storms. Amidst the chaos, Frank must find a way to end the war before the battling hordes of half-breed angels, vampires, and lycanthropes reach Eden and bring about the end of existence.

No pressure.

By the Light of the Moon

Small town America. A baseball game on a warm July morning. A boy is running through the outfield. Suddenly, he slips and falls in a cascade of red. After he slides to a stop in a pool of blood and gore, he finds himself looking at a human head. He screams. The terror in tiny Blacksville, Pennsylvania, has begun. Can newspaper reporter John Reynolds discover who, or what, is killing the people of Blacksville? Will he be able to overcome the effects of his nervous breakdown? Can he trust those around him? Will they trust him? Has he found love in the little town? Will the killer take her? What Reynolds finds in reality is more terrifying than anything he imagined in his darkest moments. Will he survive?

Dark Side of the Moon

On the eve of her twenty-sixth birthday, Breezy Bailey's life is shattered by the murder of her best friend, and the realization that she, herself, is a monster, a freak of nature that changes form in moonlight. As the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter, she is a she-wolf, a great white wolf whose destiny is the pursuit and destruction of the dark ones. But Breezy doesn't want the gift of eternal life or a pedigree that dates back to medieval times. She only wants a second chance with the man she loves. Can love really conquer all? And can she survive her new-found destiny long enough to find out?

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