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J.M. Anton on tour for Fateful Waters

Lets get BOOKED! asks:

Who is your favorite character? Why?

            My favorite character in ‘Fateful Waters” is without a doubt Lexie Parker. She is bright, opinionated and independent.  She would much rather stay home for the summer and look into some interesting offers from accounting firms. Instead she agrees to accompany her friend Melinda to Texas. Mel, as Lexie calls her, believes that she’s finally found her perfect match. Lexie is skeptical about these online matching services, but ends up driving across the country with her friend.

            Lexie’s sixth sense about people really annoys Mel, especially when her friend, and roommate of the past five years, takes an instant dislike to her cyber Romeo.

            Lexie grew up in a house full of women, and finds the male dominated society in which she finds herself hard to comprehend. She refuses to be cowed or back down, no matter the size of her adversary. Things go from bad to worse, and she confronts several belligerent males, and one very hostile woman who is extremely territorial.

            Fed up with the heat, dust, and hostility she returns home, and tries to put Texas out of her mind. That was the easy part, but her dreams are haunted by a tall dark Texan who is not so easy to forget.

            Her life takes some strange twist and turns as she fights her attraction to a totally inappropriate man. They don’t agree on anything except that they each would rather not be obsessed with the other.

            I find myself cheering for Lexie, but of course she is my creation. So here is a reader’s point of view. This excerpt is from the first interior page titled Reader’s Praise for Fateful Waters.

            “I really do love the character of Lexie! Especially when she doesn’t take any guff from any one. Her fierce independence frustrates Cutter who is used to having his orders complied with. I laughed out loud at some of the humor.” — M. L. Lazor

            I would love to hear what readers think, and who their favorite character is.
There is a character interview with Melinda on my blog. Be sure to check in at my author website where there are links to all points of purchase and access to my e-mail for fans.

Follow Melinda Potter and Alexandra Parker, across the country, as the friends travel from their home on the shores of Lake Erie to the drought-stricken state of Texas. After graduation from The Ohio State University, Melinda has a date with an online Romeo. Lexie, who is supposed exert a moderating influence on her impulsive friend, winds up in a hospital where she wakes to everyone calling her Mrs. Ross.  She doesn’t have a clue how she got there, or who Mr. Ross is.


The SUV skidded in the slime now covering the previously dry, dusty road. Lexie retrieved her phone from an inside pocket of her navy colored, leather, handbag. Disgusted, she laid it on the center console. Smart or not, the directional phone apps had not shed any light on her dilemma. She was really beginning to feel lousy, so she twisted of the cap on the antibiotic that she had just picked up at the drugstore. The prescription label said it was to be taken with food, but she was desperate to head of a recurrence of what sure felt like the flu, so she downed the pill with the remainder of a bottle of water she’d placed in the cup holder. Lexie picked up the small communication device, located Melinda’s name, and she poked the small screen much harder than required to connect to her friend. She wanted to scream! Why me Lord? Melinda didn’t have a clue how to direct her. While her friend checked with David, she slipped into her navy jacket. As the rain increased the heat of earlier began to cool, and she was experiencing a chill. Lexie switched from the air conditioner to the heater.

She was sitting in the middle of a dirt road, in an increasing rain, and the surface was quickly becoming a quagmire. She hoped that Melinda, was writing down directions, and that was why she was taking so much time.

Roommates since their freshman year at Ohio State, Alexandra Parker and Melinda Potter had become close friends. After nearly five years, their friendship had grown to the point they each knew the other’s personality quirks. Lexie knew Melinda well enough to be skeptical about the accuracy of the written directions that her friend had left for her when she went on ahead with David. Commonsense had dictated that she enter his ranch address in the GPS, just in case.

Jackie. Anton is the author of Backyard Horse Tales: Sox 2nd Edition recepient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award. She makes her home in Northeastern Ohio.
Mother of two adult Children and a Grandmother she and her husband of forty-one years live on a small farm in Medina Township. As author of the family friendly series Backyard Horse Tales (readers age 8-adult) her adult novels are written under the pen name J.M. Anton.

                An avid horseperson she and her husband continue to ride daily. She loves a good mystery as well as working out the day-to-day struggles and complexities of human relationships. Find out more about the author on her blog “Writing for readers in a .com world.


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